Windows 7 Go Launcher Ex Theme

Windows 7 Go Launcher Ex Theme

Windows 7 Go Launcher ex Theme is available for both Android and PC devices. It has a minimal interface and comes with a free trial version. You can read its user reviews and see if it suits your needs. It has received positive ratings from users on Google Play. The developer has promised to keep developing this app further.

Android app that converts Android to Windows 7

You can convert your Android device into a Windows 7 mobile device by installing the Windows 7 Go Launcher Ex theme. The app allows you to apply a Windows 7 wallpaper, customize the font, and customize the icon style. You can even add a transparent background to the main menu. The app also allows you to view the most recently accessed and running apps.

Another benefit of GO Launcher EX is the ability to install additional desktop pages. Most launchers are limited to five pages, but this app allows you to have up to nine. Each page can have its own home page, and you can rearrange the pages as you please.

Available for PC

If you’re a fan of the GO Launcher EX theme, you may want to download it to your PC. This theme lets you convert your mobile device into a Windows 7 theme, and it even includes a full conversion of gadgets. The new app lets you view and work with Windows folders and files, just as you would with a regular Windows 7 theme.

To download this theme for PC, visit an APK download website and download the GO Launcher EX Theme Grey APK file. Once you have the file, install it using Bluestacks. To do so, click on the “Install APK” option at the bottom of your home screen. This option is useful for installing mod versions of apps, or for apps that are not available in the Google play store.


A free theme that makes your phone or tablet look like a Windows 7 PC is now available for Android. The Windows 7 GO Launcher Ex theme can be downloaded from the Android Market. Once you have found the theme, simply click the install button next to it. You should then be prompted to grant the app permissions. Once you have given them, the theme will start downloading.

The free Windows 7 Go Launcher EX theme for Android lets you display the desktop of Windows 7 using the GO Launcher EX app. It is compatible with Android 2.2 Froyo and higher. It includes delicate app icons, a folder and app drawer interface, and more. This theme can be downloaded and installed directly through the Android Market, but the Go Launcher EX app is necessary in order to use it.


If you want to make the most of your Go Launcher EX, you can install the Minimal Windows7 Theme E4. It is a minimalist style that is inspired by the UI of Windows Phone 7. This app gives your phone a very clean look and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

You can install this theme on your device by downloading it from the Google Playstore. It features an extensive set of icons that are identical to Windows Phone 7. The theme has two blue strips on the home screen, which are actually part of the wallpaper. It also comes with a blue colored block in the app drawer. This theme performs well with the default icons and files, but it performs badly when you install apps that have longer titles.

The Pixels theme is another minimalist theme. It uses gray wallpaper and white transparent icons. These icons are clear and give an accurate idea of what application you’re looking at. The icons also match the original icons in the nature UI. The Galaxy S 3 Go Launcher EX theme is similar to this style, with a white flower-themed wallpaper.

Number of installs

Windows 7 Go Launcher EX is a paid app that you can download on Android devices. This app is in the Home & Hobby category and has been downloaded by 3 people. Users have given it a 2.7-star rating, which is about average. This app contains the same style and color palette as the official Windows 7 system, which makes it an excellent choice for Windows 7 users.

Windows 7 Go Launcher ex Theme can be downloaded directly from Google Play. It will convert your mobile device into a Windows version, allowing you to use familiar files and folders. Its interface is completely compatible with the Windows operating system.

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